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Price Indications  

We offer three levels of furnishing Standard, Mid-Range and Superior.

The prices shown below are given as an indication, depending on the package required (based on Suggested Inventory).  

Prices from:  

                                 Standard           Mid-Range         Superior


Studio                         1500                2000                3600

1-Bed Apartment       2150                2800                4200

2-Bed apartment        2800                3600                590000  


Rental Income Guide

In our experience, the level of investment in furnishings is linked to the anticipated rental income. We therefore suggest the following anticipated monthly income guide as an indication of the package you may wish to consider (suggestion only).


Based on a 1-bed apartment:

Suggested Package        Anticipated Rental Income

Standard                        up to 500

Mid-Range                     501 - 1500

Superior                         1501 upwards